Dance Camera West: Dance Media FIlm Festival




7:30pm BODYTRAFFIC/Gustavo Godoy Architectural Art - free live performance at The Music Center Plaza; screenings begin at 8:00pm in the Music Center's Eva and Marc Stern Grand Hall. Choreographer: Victor Quijada, BODYTRAFFIC Company Members: Brandon Alley, Tina Berkett, Bynh Ho, Guzmán Rosado, Andrew Wojtal.

2012 / Netherlands / 1:15
Directed By Maarten van der Glas
Choreographed by Maarten van der Glas and Anastasia Kostner

Through the 12 points in space, Laban was able to define the directions of spatial motion. With photography as a tool we use the 12 point system to recreate movement. Two magical creatures give expression to these dimensions, until they merge as two opposites which attract each other and finally form the icosedronic whole.

Drop the Game - Flume & Chet Faker

2013 / Australia & USA  / 4:10

Directed By Lorin Askill

Choreographed by Storyboard P

A  lone figure transcends a grimy, nocturnal landscape through a mesmerizingly emotional and beautiful dance.

2013 / USA  / 7:11
Directed by Benjamin Epps
Choreography by Amy Cain

Revolve Dance Company’s “Angsters” was originally choreographed for the stage as an upbeat display of movement inspired by the anxieties of the modern day dancer. The filmmakers explore these concepts further by setting the work in site specific locations that incorporate large scale exterior sculpture and paintings in the Houston area, in order to draw a connective thread through the fine arts of music, dance and visual art, ultimately demonstrating the creativity that comes from anxiety.

The Demand For Love

2012/ Norway / 5:00

Directed by Hege Haagenrud & Siren Lauvdal

Choreographed by Hege Haagenrud

Are needy people really attractive? Are you drawn to a person who tries too hard? In "The demand for love" a child craves love and attention from a grown up. Can love be demanded?

Snap Into It

2014 / USA / 3:32

Directed by Devin Jamieson and Jillian Meyers

Choreographed by Jillian Meyers
A gleeful digression from anticipated outcome, in favor of savoring the pursuit of whim // Following a renegade train of thought with dimension, texture, and amplitude // A staccato attempt to trace the digressions from an iconic Langston Hughes poem.

2013/ USA / 5:58
Directed by Paul Sarvis
Choreographed by Ana Isabel Keilson and Paul Sarvis

A solo in a bare room conjures another presence—real, imagined, or remembered. Images of family, shelter, entrapment, youth and age collide and fold into one another.

2013 / Slovakia / 9:29
Directed by  Andrea Sudorova
Choreographed by Jan Sevcik

Choreography inspired by a Mongolian ritual dance, symbolizing birth and flight of the eagle, which represents metaphor of life, liberty, detachment and strength. We wanted to pay tribute to women as whole, but especially to woman as mother, which gives life, protects and fills it with her love, to her strength, humility and to all she has to sacrifice.

The Fragile Balance
2013 / England / 12:00
Directed by Jem Goulding

Sergei Polunin, the youngest-ever principal ballet dancer for the Royal Ballet, reflects on his early trials and triumphs in a touching portrait.

Homegoings: A  Dance

2013 / USA / 5:00
Directed by Christine Turner
Choreographed by Janet Wong

Inspired by the award-winning documentary Homegoings, this original dance piece finds meaning and beauty in the life cycle.

YLYK Super Slow Motion

2013 / Singapore, Japan, South Korea and USA / 4:10

Directed and choreographed by YAK FILMS

In 2013, YAK FILMS was sponsored by Sony Japan to showcase the new NEX-FS camera line up, including the ability to film in super slow motion, up to 240 frames per second in full HD. YAK travels the world to work with today's most impressive up and coming dancers and share their raw talent with the global community online.

2013 / USA / 3:12
Directed by Charli Brissey & Courtney Harris
Choreographed by Charli Brissey & Courtney Harris

Pas, a satirical parody, extends up traditional ballet vocabulary while subverting it's heteronormative nature through queer suggestion.

Today's the Day
2013 / USA / 14:00
Directed by Daniel Cloud Campos
Choreographed by Tamara Levinson-Campos
Cloud Walker is a self doubting intern who lacks the courage to follow his dreams…until today.

2013 / France / 11:00
Directed by Nadia Micault
Choreographed by Fernando Carrion Caballero & Émilia Giudicelli

In an imaginary musical world, a young woman seeks escape, loses herself and tests her own limits. Gradually she must open up in order to reinvent herself.

Q&A with Opening Night filmmakers to follow.





2:00pm BODYTRAFFIC/Gustavo Godoy Architectural Art - free live performance at The Music Center Plaza; screenings begin at 2:30pm at MOCA


2006 / Austrailia / 14:30

Directed by Margie Medlin & Ros Warby

Choreographed by Ros Warby

Humorous, elegant and startlingly original, Ros Warby’s Swift is a kaleidoscope of fanciful characterizations, choreography and music. The solo dancer transforms from gremlin to gentle diva, exposing complex physical, psychological and emotional states experienced by the female protagonist. Q&A with Ros Warby to follow.

Michio Ito Pioneering Dancer-Choreographer
2013 / USA  / 21:20
Directed by Bonnie Oda Homsey
Captured dance sequences choreographed by Michio Ito

The film traces historical modern dance choreographer, Michio Ito, and his journey from Japan to Europe to America, from success to reversal and obscurity, and finally to re-discovery. Q&A with Bonnie Homsey to follow.

Globe Trot: Crowd-Sourced Filmmaking and Collaborating from Afar

2013 / USA + 22 Countries / 30:00

Directed by Mitchell Rose

Choreographed by Bebe Miller

Globe Trot is an international crowd-sourced dance-film project, as 54 filmmakers on all seven continents each shoot one second of dance by choreographer Bebe Miller. Mitchell Rose's presentation is on the methodology behind coordinating filmmakers all over the world.


Free 2 Be Me

2013 / USA / 32:00

Directed By Jeannette Godoy

Choreographed by Colleen Perry

Free 2 Be Me is a heartfelt documentary about a group of dedicated dancers, each of whom has Down Syndrome. This is a film about family, love and creative self-expression through dance. Q&A with Jeannette Godoy to follow.


All This Can Happen
2012 / UK / 50:00
Directed By Siobhan Davies and David Hinton

This beautifully choreographed compilation film invites us on a meditative walk through a not-so-distant past, in the spirit of writer Robert Walser. 




Site-specific adaptation of L.A. Contemporary Dance Company's Prite Oef Stringh, commissioned by Grand Park; festivities begin at 7:00pm followed by performance, Lester Horton Awards and DCW outdoor screenings

"Prite Oef Stringh"
An ode to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring
Choreographer: Kate Hutter
Composer: Austin Wintory
LACDC Company Members: Kate Andrews, Zsolt Banki, Christian Beasley, Genevieve Carson, Hyosun Choi, Jamila Glass, Nicholas Heitzeberg, Tess Hewlett, Marisa Jimenez, Marcello de sa Martins, Andrew Pearson, JM Rodriguez, Melissa Schade, Drea Sobke, Kim Thompson. Guest Artists: Danny Dolan, Jake Dupree, Raymond Ejiofor, Brynn Fehir, Diana Delcambre, Caitlin Hickey, Sarri Sanchez, Sydney Sorenson, Erik Speth.

Lester Horton Awards

Each year, the Dance Resource Center presents the Lester Horton Dance Awards devoted to celebrating Southern California's dance community and those who keep it thriving. The Horton Awards recognize advocates, educators, artists, presenters, funders, and other community members who advance the field of dance and enhance the diversity and vibrancy of our community.

Beneath Our Own Immensity

2013 / USA / 10:05

Directed By  Alia Swersky
Choreography by  Alia Swersky in collaboration with the dancers

A  site-specific dance-film set in the urban underbelly; it is a dark, lush journey through a gritty world lying mostly out of sight.

Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter (photo Thomas Bouchard)

2014 / USA / 80:00

Directed By Greg Vander Veer

Miss Hill tells the unknown and inspiring story of Martha Hill, a visionary who against great odds to make dance a legitimate art form in America. 




2:00pm BODYTRAFFIC/Gustavo Godoy Architectural Art - free live performance at The Music Center Plaza; screenings begin at 2:30pm at REDCAT

Featured Installation Booth- ALL DAY

Danzadigital: Dance for the Internet
Creator and artist: Seme Jatib
Danza digital explores the possibilities of creating dance for electronic media. The user interacts with their audience and the artist by choosing bits of choreographic media to construct their own, individual dance media piece.

YouTube Choreographers Discussion

Tony Testa – Director / Choreographer (Moderator); Vincent Paterson – Director / Choreographer (Michael Jackson, Madonna); John Chu - Director (Creator of Ds2dio, LXD, GI Joe); Ian Eastwood – Director / Choreographer (Youtube sensation – 300,000 subscribers) Sponsored by DANCEAMATIC: a global platform that aspires to empower, support, and unite the global dance community through dance, film, and social media. The panel discussion will focus on the new wave of content creators who are sharing their work primarily on Youtube and other social media. Featured Screenings: Josh Killacky/Let Me Love You, Tim Milgram/Jammin, Alvin de Castro and Frace Mercado/Euphoria, Stewart Maclennon/You Know You Like It

2013 / México / 3:52
Directed By Flaminguettes, Daniela Villanueva & Mara Soler
Choreographed by Brecken Rivara & Tiana Zoumer
A hula hoop floats amidst a stunning location of México city. As it moves, a dancer appears and plays with the hoop. Every movement creates lines, impressive shapes and lights that float in the space as if being drawn to gradually create an impressive sculpture in movement.

Flying Bodies
2013 / Japan / 78:00
Directed by Hiroyuki Nakano
Choreographed by Daniel Ezralow

The film follows the one night only performance of Aomori Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Team collaborated with the world renowned fashion designer, Issey Miyake and their behind-the-scene effort. Q&A with Daniel Ezralow to follow.




Screenings begin at 7:00pm

Body Without a Brain
2014 / Indonesia & USA  / 6:30
Directed by Mark Freeman
Choreographed by Rianto

A  high risk, physically demanding dance for camera. Filmed in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo).

UPAJ: Improvise

2013 / USA and India / 60:00

Directed by Hoku Uchiyama

Choreography & Performances by Chitresh Das and Jason Samuels Smith 

A riveting behind the scenes documentary chronicling the birth and journey of India Jazz Suites, the ground breaking collaboration between Indian Classical Dance Icon, Chitresh Das and Tap Star, Jason Samuels Smith. Q&A with Chitresh Das and Jason Samuels Smith to follow.

DCW Awards & CalArts@ Dance Camera West Emerging Artists Competition Awards
The Emerging Artists competition included two categories of student dance filmmakers--high school and college--and allowed them to compete only with other students. The winning college film (and 1st and 2nd runner-up) will receive a cash prize and the winning high school film will receive a CalArts scholarship prize. Selected student films will screen at REDCAT and presented their awards.



(Start time TBA)

3rd Annual Dance-A- Long: La Bamba

Dance Camera West and Los Angeles Film Festival continue their partnership and present the 3rd Annual Dance-A-Long and movie screening. Bring your dancing shoes and your friends and family for a fun dance lesson prior to the movie!