Dance Camera West: Dance Media FIlm Festival

     FESTIVAL SCHEDULE April 30-MAY 5th 2015



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Thursday, April 30 - Festival Kickoff, UTA Screening Room, Beverly Hills

Screening begins at 6:30pm, Q&A with filmmaker Louis Wallecan and James Fayette of LADP, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres du printemps and performance by Jacob Jonas The Company to follow, $75

Escualo – USA, 2014, 4:00; A powerful new piece from the Lombard Twins.
Dancing is Living: Benjamin Millepied
– France, 2014, 57:00 – West Coast Premiere;
This engaging documentary chronicles Benjamin Millepied (choreographer of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan), the newly appointed director of the Paris Opera Ballet and founder of L.A. Dance Project, as a globe-trotting ambassador for dance: in rehearsal with his company in L.A., hanging out with Lil Buck, and sharing his ideas about life and dance.


Friday, May 1 - Opening Night Shorts, The Palace Theatre, Downtown LA

Begins at 7pm, $15

Impact LA Performance

Dance Camera West is excited partner with Jacob Jonas The Company to celebrate dancers and choreographers in Los Angeles who have made an impact on dance. From generation to generation, each influential artist will improvise and share how dance has impacted them. This piece celebrates the many eras of Los Angeles dance artists. The body may age, but love and passion for dance will always remain. 

(Not in presenting order)

ME – A Story of a Performance – Finland, 2014, 7:30; We follow the performance from different perspectives: how it is perceived by the dancer, the audience and how it can be seen from an objective point of view as a mere code.

Cracks – Spain, 2013, 4:45; Every sound generates a movement and every movement produces a sound.

Pas – Canada, 2014, 15:00; The dance and the acrobatics deeply move between narrative plots and visual poetry.

Fuel for Thought – India/UK, 2014, 4:04; Choreographer Hemabharathy Palani’s response to Hip Hop artist Mikey J Asante’s track, creating striking imagery against large-scale outdoor scenery and intimate spaces in India.

ATTENTION – USA, 2015, 1:56; In this kinetic video, the Heart Beat Academy marching band calls the viewer to attention with their captivating dance and rhythm, journeying through diverse environments. The Heart Beat Academy works with youth who come from disadvantaged backgrounds such as homelessness and foster care.

AM/FM – USA, 2014, 4:45; A romantic afternoon car ride turns into a surprising physical contest when a young couple has to choose between two competing radio stations.

Gone –  Iceland, 2014, 16:00; Who is living your life at the moment? Your guest is not always your guest... 

Martiality, Not Fighting – China, 2012, 10:00; A young Chinese dancer performs the role of conscientious objector

Amandi – Spain, 2014, 7:00; A full blend made of nature, woods and weird landscapes with two characters whom travel through that space in constant transformation trying to fit in, to blend in.

Mingle with the filmmakers at the no-host bar in the lobby after screening


Saturday, May 2 (day) - Skylight Gardens, Westwood

Filmmakers Brunch begins at 12pm, $25

Please join DCW and our presenting filmmakers from around the globe for Saturday brunch at Skylight Gardens in Westwood. During the brunch, Glenne McElhinney will give a presentation on behalf of Dancers We Lost. This is an opportunity to learn from the international and local community, and network with other festival attendees!

Dancers We Lost is a comprehensive dance history project honoring and documenting West Coast based performers who died from HIV/AIDS complications. The heart and soul of DWL is a dancer database and individual biography files, the most visible part of the project is a photography exhibit of the dancers in their prime. Shown as life-size fabric banners the public arts and history exhibit will premier in the City of West Hollywood this summer of 2015.

Saturday, May 2 (day) - The Crest Theatre, Westwood

Program 1:  2:30pm; $15
I Was Within – USA, 2014, 9:46; Examines the course of a relationship through the multi-faceted elements of love, loss, time, and identity.

Fall to Rise – USA, 2014, 92:00; Who Will Catch You When You Fall? A famous principal dancer injures her knee and attempts to settle into motherhood only to realize she has no identity without dance, and struggles to return with the help of an equally troubled former company dancer. Starring Desmond Richardson and Katherine Crockett.

Program 2: Celebrating Technicolor 100th Anniversary; 4:30pm; $15
The Unfinished Dance – USA, 1947; 101:00

Meg, a young ballet student played with penetrating passion by Margaret O’Brien, grows distressed to learn that visiting prima ballerina Darina rather than the school’s top ballerina Bouchet (Cyd Charisse) will play the lead in "Swan Lake." As a result of Meg’s actions, Bouchet remains a star unfettered by competition and Meg copes with guilt. Dance critic Debra Levine of arts•meme will lead a conversation with Technicolor senior executive Robert Hoffman highlighting the film’s majestic use of color cinematography on the occasion of 100 years of Technicolor films.

Saturday, May 2 (evening) - The Aero Theatre, Santa Monica

Screening begins at 7:30pm, $11

I Hate Dancing – Canada, 2014, 2:17; The repulsive nature of dance as told through dance.

American Cheerleader – USA, 2014, 89:00; Set in the competitive world of cheerleading, the journey of two high school teams vying for the coveted National High School Cheerleading Championship Title.


Sunday, May 3 (day) - The Museum of Contemporary Art, Downtown LA

Israel Past and Future – 1pm; $15 (includes Museum admission)

Ze’eva Cohen: Creating a Life in Dance – USA, 2014, 32:00;
Spanning 70 years, how an artist can survive in the dance world by carving out an independent path for herself.

Glove Story – Israel, 2013, 38:00; Glove Story explores the notion of personal space and the all-too-often invasion into it. It asks the question: what are the psychological, physical and social repercussions of treating borders as mere suggestions?

Renewal – USA/Israel, 2014, 40:00; In their pioneering Eco-Arts village on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the Vertigo Dance Company in performance and rehearsals, and their ecological pursuits including gray water recycling and permaculture.


Animate Life: Dance! - 3pm; $15 (includes Museum admission)

Choreography and Animation Technology Panel Discussion

Frank Gladstone, Executive Director of ASIFA, Animation Historian & Gladstone Film; Peggy Holmes, Disney Toon Studios; Penney Finkelman Cox, Animation Producer & Executive; Yuriko Senoo, Disney Animation

Panel devoted to the illumination, education and examination, both contemporarily and historically, of the relationship between Animation and Dance. The day will start with a “Brief History of Animated Dance” video and include footage from films that illustrate the amazing use of movement in contemporary animated films, including such footage as the game changing ballroom sequence from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST to the recent short DUET, choreographed and animated by the phenomenal animator Glen Keane. We will hear from Peggy Holmes about how choreography can help define the emotions and characteristics of such beloved and iconic Disney characters as Tinker Bell and Ariel and how these choreographed moments can be used as a tool to help tell your story. The panel will touch on the use of various animation techniques, including traditional 2D, roto-scoping, stop motion, 3D computer generated imagery, and motion capture.

Sunday, May 3 (evening) REDCAT, Downtown LA    

Program 1 – 5:30pm; $15

CalArts Emerging Artists Competition

The Emerging Artists competition included two categories of student dance filmmakers--high school and college--and allowed them to compete only with other students. The winning college films will receive a cash prize and the winning high school film will receive a CalArts scholarship prize. The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts is one of the nation’s premiere colleges for the professional training of contemporary dancers and choreographers.

1st place College

Filmed, choreographed & performed by: Kynan Welsh

USA, 2014, 3:44

Meteor is inspired by the ambitious pursuit of human flight and limits of the body. Kynan is influenced by Elizabeth Streb and her piece, “Human Fountain” and wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible by using editing techniques specific to film in order to create even more extreme, visceral, and impossible visual scenarios.

2nd place College

Filmmaker & choreographer: Kym McDaniel

USA, 2014, 3:28

Groundswell is the development of a creative process by exploring composition through a different medium. A dance originally created for the stage transitioned into media. A refusal to surrender, a fight to find stabili­ty, and a search for grounding in extremes emerged.

1st place High School

Filmmaker: Danny Amano

Choreographer: Hannah Kaufman

USA, 2014, 3:13

Why did the chicken cross the road? What was on the other side? Togettotheootherside speaks to these questions and the mystery that has so many possible answers. This film is about exploration, creation, and an expedition leading to who knows where.

Honorable Mention

Filmmaker: Theo Taplitz

Choreographers: Theo Taplitz & Denise Scheerer

USA, 2015, 4:30

A boy suffering from hearing loss finds a pair of magic tap shoes hanging from a telephone wire in Tap, Tap, Tap.

Jiri Kylian: Forgotten Memories – France, 2011, 52:00 – West Coast Premiere; World-renowened Czech choreographer, a singular artist whose vision has inspired dancers and choreographers around the globe.


Program 2 – 7:30pm; $15

Continuum – France, 2014, 9:15; Explores time and space through dance and animation techniques.

Born To Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity – USA, 2014, 82:00; Motley troupe of flyers and crashers, propelled by Streb’s edict that “anything too safe is not action,” these daredevils challenge the assumptions of art, aging, injury, gender, and human possibility. Breathtaking tale about the necessity of art, inspiring audiences hungry for a more tactile and fierce existence in the world.


Monday, May 4 UCLA Moore Lecture Hall, Special Campus Screening

Screening begins at 6:30pm, Free

– Canada, 2015, 5:44; Migratory journey of percussive dancers who rely on their hands, feet and sonic bodies to create a unique soundtrack as they move through water, wind and sand interpreting the preparation, departure, and flight of their collective journey.

Life and Times of Miss Mary Mack – USA, 2014, 55:00; Celebrates the wondrous world of hand clapping games, a traditional genre that thrives on the playgrounds of large cities and in remote corners of the world.


Tuesday, May 5 Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood

4th Annual Dance-A- Long, 6:30pm, Free      
Bring your dancing shoes, friends and family for a fun dance lesson prior to the screening


Final Festival Screening – 7:30pm; $11

Dancing for my Havana – Italy/Cuba, 2015, 112:00; Young Cuban dancers struggling to achieve fame and fortune on the world stage, while honoring their intense love for the people and creative energy they find only in their homeland.

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