Dance Camera West: Dance Media FIlm Festival

 15th  Anniversary



FESTIVAL SCHEDULE JUNE 11th & 16-18th 2016


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Saturday, June 11- The Past, Present & Future of Hip Hop, MOCA's Ahmanson Auditorium, Downtown LA

Screenings begin at 1:00pm, $15

Underground Dance Masters – Thomas Guzman-Sanchez, USA, 2015, 82:00; The entire origin, evolution, diaspora, and history of street dance.
Pharaohs of Memphis
– Pheobe Driscoll, USA, 2014, 56:00; Delves into the origins of jookin',
a form of dance that orignated in Memphisin the 80's to keep gang warfare at bay.                                                          Elektro Mathematrix– Blanca Li, France, 2015, 76:00; Urban dance musical about what it is to be living as an electro dancer.



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Thursday, June 16 - Opening Night w/ Pre VIP Reception, UCLA's Royce Hall, Westwood

Doors open at 6:00pm for Dance Media Lounge, screenings start at 7:00pm, $100 VIP $15 General

A Live Performance by Invertigo Dance Theatre tells engaging stories through virtuosic movement, whimsical theatricality and live music. Founded in 2007 by Artistic Director Laura Karlin, Invertigo has quickly become a cornerstone of the Los Angeles’ dance scene. A Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Arts Innovation and Management (AIM) grant recipient, Invertigo has performed in such venues as the Los Angeles Theatre Center, Ford Amphitheatre, Alex Theatre, LACMA, Broad Stage and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Mine / World Premiere –  Laura Karlin, USA, 2016, 6:15; From Invertigo Dance Theatre, shot in an abandoned mine in the Mojave, two people who know one another deeply but are continually finding new layers to their relationship.

Disportrait / West Coast Premiere Alejandro Alvarez and Ulrik Wivel, Denmark, 2014, 52:00; Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato accepts the challenge of modernizing the tradition-bound Mikhailovsky Ballet in St. Petersburg.




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Friday, June 17 - International Shorts Program, UCLA's Royce Hall, Westwood

Doors open at 6:00pm for Dance Media Lounge, screenings start at 7:00pm, $15


RavagesAlan Lake Factori(e), Canada, 2015, 13:53; Invites the viewer to dive into a fragile symbolic universe where humanity confronts what is perishable or unchangeable.

Shift by Bandaloop Rachael Lincoln & Amelia Rudolph, USA, 2015, 11:00; A short mountain dance film featuring Bay Area vertical dance compay Bandaloop as they journey across the Sierra.

An African Walk in the Land of China Pierre Larauza & Emmanuelle Vincent, Belgium/China, 2015, 13:20; An African young woman roams the streets in search of a meeting in the age Chinafrica.

Love Song for RobotsChris Lavis & Maciek Szczerbowski, Canada, 2015, 4:00; Inspired by the ballet and sculpture of the avant-garde artist Oskar Schlemmer, with performance and choreography by Mistaya Hemingway.

Love-ism Paul Sixta, The Netherlands, 2014, 35:00; An invitation to observe the delicate politics of intimacy that emerge while meeting significant others in a physical surrounding.

NÉANTS – Nellie Carrier, Canada, 2015, 9:48; Four characters see their destiny falling apart. An exploration about mourning, an anticlimax.

In Between – Blake Horn and Lillian Stamey, USA, 4:45; A non-linear journey of a relationship that has been uprooted and unraveled gripped by the inability to listen, trust, and surrender. Time is lost and understanding of love abandoned.

Dance of the Neurons – Jody Oberfelder and Eric Siegel, USA, 2015, 5:00; Dancers echo the birth of neurons and synaptic connections, choreographer collaborated with neuroscientists.

Phrase – Benjamin Shearn, LACDC Kate Hutter, USA, 2015, 7:49; A love letter to the city of L.A. and the artists of L.A. Contemporary Dance Company.

Secondary – Jacob Jonas, 2015, 5:00; Exploring togetherness and escapism through dance and fashion from Groceries Apparel.

She/Her – Sonja Wyss, The Netherlands, 11:05; About the balance of power and the deep underlying emotions of a mother-daughter relationship: uncertainties, manipulation, dependence and ultimately love.

Inheritor Recordings – Brian Johnson, Canada, 2014, 6:20; Features 16 dancers from 605 Collective warps time and place to augment and expand 605’s raw physicality.




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Saturday, June 18 (day) - World Dance Films, UCLA's Fowler Museum, Westwood

Screenings begin at 1:00pm, $15

After the Curtain – Emelie Mahdavian, USA/Tajikistan, 2015, 70:00;
Four female dancers battle shifting cultural norms in this predominantly Muslim nation.

hold (STILL) – Jenny Stulberg, USA, 2015, 6:56; First dance-film in the collection “Still Life Dances,” a series of movement studies based on still life paintings from the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Migrant Bodies Xavier Curnillon, Canada, 2014,12:38; Through the subjective force of movement, dancers perform a unique interpretation of the stages of the migration process.

Flamenco – Gloria Ui Young Kim, Canada, 2015, 12:00; An impressionistic dance film about lust, lonliness and obsession as sparks fly between dance partners and lovers.

Rhizophora – Davide De Lillis, Vietnam, 2015, 16:00; Follow a day in the life of 11 Vietnamese youths who live with disabilities caused by agent orange.



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Saturday, June 18 (evening) - UCLA's Royce Hall, Westwood

Doors open at 6:00pm for Dance Media Lounge, screenings begin at 7:30pm, $15

For Two/Deconstructed: A Conversation with Melissa Barak – Jeannette Godoy, USA, 7:34; An intimate look at the relationship between a choreographer and her dancers during the rehearsal process.

Horizontes – Eileen Hofer, Cuba, 2015, 71:00; Three generations of classical ballet dancers in Cuba

dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the demanding routine their discipline requires.


CalArts Emerging Artist Awards/Screenings

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5th Annual Dance-A-Long, Free, TBA

Bring your dancing shoes, friends, and family for a fun dance lesson before the screening



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