To the Sea: Dance Concerts on the Pier  


Dance Camera West and Jacob Jonas The Company will be presenting individual choreographers and dance companies ranging in all dance forms and genres to present live performance work at To the Sea: Dance Concerts on the Pier as part of the 17th Annual Dance Camera West Festival. Artists may apply to perform by carefully reading the below information and submitting an application and video of their work.

The Venue:

Performances take place on the West End of the Santa Monica Pier. Both audiences and performers are surrounded by the natural space of the Pacific Ocean and the Pier. Performances are free and open to the public.

Please remember that both the content and production needs of your presentation must be appropriate for a free outdoor venue with sound only. There are no lights, wings or other staging.

Performance Schedule and Duration:

Performances take place every day at sunset during the
4-day festival. Duration of the work up to 25 minutes accepted for submission. Performances are immediately followed by a brief moderated question and answer session with the audience.

The Stage:

The Stage is 20’ x 36’ with sprung floors and laid Marley. It is custom built on the West End of the Pier. There is a unisex dressing area above, out of view of the audience. The stage is lit only by the natural light of the outdoors. There is an excellent sound system. There are no wings, curtains, lights, or masking. Two crew members coordinate all technical needs and run sound during the performance.

Documentation and Crediting:

All To the Sea: Dance Concerts on the Pier performances are filmed, and most are photographed. Artists receive a complimentary video of their performance to use for not-for-profit promotional purposes. The following credit is required on the video, and in all public materials of any kind: To the Sea: Dance Concerts on the Pier presented by Jacob Jonas The Company & Dance Camera West.

Please note Jacob Jonas The Company & Dance Camera West are unable to provide transportation or housing.


To the Sea: Dance Concerts on the Pier was made possible in part by a grant from the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commission.